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4 Interesting Disney Games on iPhone

With the new release of Inside Out and the amazing result of scoring the biggest original debut with 91 millions, Disney and Pixar, again, are in the spot light. At the meantime, the free game “Inside out” also has achieved the very first game download ranking on this weekend. And this game is just tip of the iceberg. Disney is not only the most famous and high-quality animation films producer but also the creator of interesting film-related games. The real-time game launches and updates were always tightly followed by the films that trigger huge buzz. Today I will introduce 4 interesting little games that are produced by Disney and derived from the original films.

inside out disney film  Disney Film


1. Inside Out Thought Bubbles

Like what I said above, this movie-based game has already won the affections from kids to adult. It is designed by the game designer of Where is my Water. This bubble-shooting game looks similar to other shooting-and-eliminating games, but the combination of specific characters, different emotion-represented bubbles in the Inside Out movie and interesting rules and tools makes this little game addicted and one of a kind.

There are three goals in Inside Out Thought Bubbles, which are eliminating bubbles, shooting into target holes and rescuing memory workers. It sounds little nerdy, but when you see those cute and adorable characters that you have had links with when you watched film you will have the motivation and desire to keep going on. There are five stages, each of which is led by one main character that represent one of the emotions. Little spoil here, it comes in the order of joy, sadness, anger, fear and disgust. Everyone has his/her own special skill to help you pop more bubbles. So you will never get tired. There is always someone guide and help you. It goes all the way to Riley’s head. It is a great choice to kill time. And the best part is–it never crash!

Inside_Out_Thought_Bubbles_2 screen320x480 screen322x572


2. Big Hero 6: Baymax Blast

Big Hero 6 is another wonderful animated film in 2014 winter. Big white adorable Baymax has already became the favorite animation characters of numerous people, who must be really excited to see the launch of the game that uses Baymax as avatar and San Fransoyko city as background.

Baymax Blast was created by crews of the Big Hero 6 film, which has won the Academy Awards of Animated Featured Film. This is a rushing game that is similar to the Subway Surfer. In the game, Hiro rides on Baymax and flies through the whole city. There are many kinds of obstacles and bonus, which they should try their best to either avoid or gain. And it gets harder as Baymax flies towards the bay. Players can also use the purchase-available microbots to help with accelerating and avoiding.

However, there are some negative reviews about technical problem of this game. Sometime it will hang on the loading part and won’t show the menu. And also there is criticism about the high price ($3.99). In sum, it is a fun game but you might need to think it through before you click on purchase.

Big-Hero-6-Baymax-Blast-App IMG_0415


3. Frozen Free Fall

Frozen-related activities remain the major attractions when people go to the Walt Disneyworld. The ice castle, gorgeous dresses and a company like Olaf are dreams of every little girl. Frozen Free Fall is an object-eliminating game with Frozen plots and scenes in it. Alsa is going to hold a party to celebrate Anna’s birthday. The task of players is to pop all the ices and get through multiple stages. It is a lot like the classic game–Candy Crush, but the cute little Olaf and help from other characters make this game unique and worth to spend time on.

In Frozen Free Fall, players usually only get 5 chances within one hour. And some stops are really hard to get through. This little game is also a challenge to players and it assists with brain development for little kids. There is a daily bonus, though which players can obtain more tools and coins to buy collections and enhance level. The only weakness is that it does not support transferring score and records to other device. If you also want to play it on your iPad or new iPhone, you need to start over.

1fall   Frozen-Free-Fall


4. Cinderella Free Fall

The movie Cinderella by Disney succeeded transferring the beautiful fairytale into a visual treat played by real person. And its game also got thousands of download right after it launched on App Store.

Like the title, Cinderella Free Fall has the similar rules and forms of Frozen Free Fall. Player will use their brain to think how to draw the perfect line to match as many as possible bubbles to get through the level. And there are wish magic to unleash. The problem of this game will be the drawing of the main characters. Cinderella and the Prince are little too two-dimension to the players who pursue the high-quality visual effect.

Screenshot.462421.1000000 Screenshot.462421.1000001



Adobe-CS-softwareAdobe Suite is always considered as the most authorized design software package when it comes to graphic design, video editing and web establishing. To professional designers, Adobe Illustrator was the must-have on their laptop and many of them were willing to pay much to get full accesses and functions.

However, its high requirements to devices and the unchanged layout and style make designers wonder if there are some apps that can not only satisfy their professional needs and generate no burden on device but also restore the joy of being creative. Fortunately, there are many great relatively less costly apps that are capable of what Illustrator does on Mac OS X platform. Here I picked up three top delicate apps that can perfectly replace the Illustrator and save your device from little remain capacity and pausing creating process.

1. Affinity Design

$ 40   5 stars

This app was launched at the end of 2014. Just few days ago, it was announced as 2015 Apple Design Award Winner.  Right after Affinity Design kick off on Mac app store, the number of download has reached over ten thousand. Some criticism regarded this app as the “killer” and fully replacement of Adobe Illustrator.

Basically, it is equipped with every tiny bit tool that Illustrator has. All the toolsets of inking and drawing are available on that easily-control clear operation board. It supports multiple kinds of format of design work, which include JPG, PDF, GIF, PNG and also editable files such as EPS and PSD. Those files are operational on the other Adobe software when needed.

Because it is small, the swirling wheel will be rarely showing when creating the artwork. And more important, it only costs 40 dollars permanently, which is much more worth than the monthly-charge-20-dollar Illustrator.

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 11.45.14 PM    1

2. Sketch

$ 99    4 stars

Stretch is also quite famous among designers and artists. Its stable top 10 status in design app ranking is one of the best proofs of its incredible capacity. It already showed its unique advantage of web, product, UX and UI design and it was recommended by many highly-regarded professional designers.

Sketch has several elements that make it comparable with full-function Illustrator. The wide board displaying all kind of tools makes it much easier to find the creation tools you need without tapping on each button and looking for them under the icons of default tools. The amazing vector graphic creation tools are the another advantages. Diverse shapes of objects can be created by one click. Moreover, the multiple artwork boards are more convenient for parallel creation and comparison.

Though it is one of the most awesome substitutes of Illustrator, Sketch still cannot surpass Illustrator on the aspect of inking. And the price is not superb comparing with Affinity Design.

2-640x403 screen800x500

3. Pixelmator

$30    4 stars

It may be fresh to know that Pixelmator can be a great replacement of Illustrator, because most reviews were describing it as the perfect equivalence of Adobe Photoshop. Yes, it is true that Pixelmator can help designers accomplish their goals in any way the Photoshop does. And it is also the very reason that its great drawing tools were overlooked.

Pixelmator has all fundamental vector editing tools that Illustrator has. There is no problem of creating a handmade drawing using Pixelmator. Its healing tool and burn tools are the great combination of Photoshop and Illustrator. On May 27th, this popular design app is also available on IOS system, which gives it the unique competitive edge by allowing continuous design at anytime and any place.

2 3


Please feel free to leave a comment if you have another great design app that you want to share with others. I will update a blog about substitutes of other Adobe software on different platforms (Windows & Mac OS X) soon. Please keep tracking me!

Monument Valley is one of the most popular games in 2014. Its unique visual design won awards such as Apple Game of Year 2014 and Apple Design Award of 2014 and also many fans.  Its appearance in House of Cards made it spreading through vast popularity and earn roared downloads. Till today, displayed iPad devices in Apple stores are still using scenes from this game as their screen savers.

vsbca7v        mv1

Though it is an amazing game, it only has 18 levels (including the extra 8 that were added in 2015 under additional purchase). It takes only few hours to crack the code for addicted players and lots of people are complaining about its unsatisfactory length. Today I will introduce some great similar well-designed visual games as substitutes with different styles. Go through and enjoy more fun in those delightful visual puzzles!

1. Back to Bed

Back to Bed is a puzzle game with Bob and his dog as characters, which has extremely similar layout and rules to Monument Valley. The goal of this game is to guide Bob and the dog gathering all the apples and going back to bed. Different from Monument Valley, the characters are more concrete and the walk is taking place on a house structure background instead of castles. And the plot is less mysterious than Monument Valley. You can enjoy the feel of wandering in the distorted space.


2. Tengami

Tengami was designed by the famous Japan game design company–Nyamyam. It is a puzzle game that is made of traditional Japanese paper cut. All the scenes in the game are the different shapes of paper castes colorful light.

The plot is quite mysterious and the story is about an ancient warrior following clues left by predecessors about the site of treasure. The cultural and special color elements are the most appealing factors that drive many fans. Player can control the character by horizontally scrolling through different pages. It can be said that Tengami was a treat for eyes and trap for brain.

Designers can also learn a lot of knowledge about color combinations and background layer setting. Moreover, the scenes full of cherry blossom and traditional Japanese architectures show more aspects about Eastern Asian.

Tengami-Logo tengami-analisis-para-ios_rna7

3. Miika

Miika is colorful game with multiple super cute characters such as fluffy squirrel and elephant. The paths of this game are made out of little cubes and blocks in different shapes.   Players can connect road forward by altering the angle of screen. The color and elements will change based on the themes such as different seasons, holidays and environment.

Comparing with Monument Valley, the background and characters make Miika seems more like to be little kids’ choices. But it is not much easier than the puzzles in Monument Valley. It is perfect for people who like both challenges and cute animals.

Miika-1 Miika-2

4. Shadowmatic

Finally, here comes the highest recommended visual game. As another game from a major design company, Shadowmatic does satisfy the high expectation from players. Many of them said that it came from the same mold as Monument Valley. The innovative background and wooden objects make it a pleasure of playing. It also achieved highly reputation by being the editor’s choice.

Like Monument Valley, the fantastic creativity of transforming objects to form reasonable shadows on the wall totally blows people’s minds after it launched on app store. As the stage increasing, solving the puzzles has became a time-consuming and logic-required job. But it is this kind of challenge that makes it addicted and get people stick to it. The sense of accomplishment and pride can be obtained in no other games. It is not only a brain scrambler but also a form of art that people can continue trying to decipher.

shadowmatic-guide2-42 shadowmatic-guide2-55