Monument Valley is one of the most popular games in 2014. Its unique visual design won awards such as Apple Game of Year 2014 and Apple Design Award of 2014 and also many fans.  Its appearance in House of Cards made it spreading through vast popularity and earn roared downloads. Till today, displayed iPad devices in Apple stores are still using scenes from this game as their screen savers.

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Though it is an amazing game, it only has 18 levels (including the extra 8 that were added in 2015 under additional purchase). It takes only few hours to crack the code for addicted players and lots of people are complaining about its unsatisfactory length. Today I will introduce some great similar well-designed visual games as substitutes with different styles. Go through and enjoy more fun in those delightful visual puzzles!

1. Back to Bed

Back to Bed is a puzzle game with Bob and his dog as characters, which has extremely similar layout and rules to Monument Valley. The goal of this game is to guide Bob and the dog gathering all the apples and going back to bed. Different from Monument Valley, the characters are more concrete and the walk is taking place on a house structure background instead of castles. And the plot is less mysterious than Monument Valley. You can enjoy the feel of wandering in the distorted space.


2. Tengami

Tengami was designed by the famous Japan game design company–Nyamyam. It is a puzzle game that is made of traditional Japanese paper cut. All the scenes in the game are the different shapes of paper castes colorful light.

The plot is quite mysterious and the story is about an ancient warrior following clues left by predecessors about the site of treasure. The cultural and special color elements are the most appealing factors that drive many fans. Player can control the character by horizontally scrolling through different pages. It can be said that Tengami was a treat for eyes and trap for brain.

Designers can also learn a lot of knowledge about color combinations and background layer setting. Moreover, the scenes full of cherry blossom and traditional Japanese architectures show more aspects about Eastern Asian.

Tengami-Logo tengami-analisis-para-ios_rna7

3. Miika

Miika is colorful game with multiple super cute characters such as fluffy squirrel and elephant. The paths of this game are made out of little cubes and blocks in different shapes.   Players can connect road forward by altering the angle of screen. The color and elements will change based on the themes such as different seasons, holidays and environment.

Comparing with Monument Valley, the background and characters make Miika seems more like to be little kids’ choices. But it is not much easier than the puzzles in Monument Valley. It is perfect for people who like both challenges and cute animals.

Miika-1 Miika-2

4. Shadowmatic

Finally, here comes the highest recommended visual game. As another game from a major design company, Shadowmatic does satisfy the high expectation from players. Many of them said that it came from the same mold as Monument Valley. The innovative background and wooden objects make it a pleasure of playing. It also achieved highly reputation by being the editor’s choice.

Like Monument Valley, the fantastic creativity of transforming objects to form reasonable shadows on the wall totally blows people’s minds after it launched on app store. As the stage increasing, solving the puzzles has became a time-consuming and logic-required job. But it is this kind of challenge that makes it addicted and get people stick to it. The sense of accomplishment and pride can be obtained in no other games. It is not only a brain scrambler but also a form of art that people can continue trying to decipher.

shadowmatic-guide2-42 shadowmatic-guide2-55

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