Me and Mine (About)

If you are sick of the same icons you see everyday on you cellphone, welcome; if you get a lot of capacity that are being wasted, welcome; if you are finding something to share with friends and girls you are chasing, welcome.

if you have too many things on your plate and are trying to make them organized, see what I suggest; if you need some more fun to kill the time while waiting for bus and standing in a line, try something new; if you are on a diet and want some shown accomplishment, find it here.

This blog is about many kinds of useful and interesting apps. There are millions of apps in app store. Some of them are cheap but really useful; some are costly and do not work well. Description and reviews sometimes are not enough to set your decision of purchase. Here I provide you with lists of different kinds apps that serve different purposes. I help you decide what is worth to purchase and discover what is your potential need.


I am a college student. I won’t say other details about my study because they have nothing to do with computer science. Someone asked me how dare you start a blog about apps while I know nothing about how they work. But I see nothing important links between my technical blindness and my zest of exploring apps and spreading the information. I am a carrier not a creator.

I am open-minded. I am excited about all the criticism as well as praise. You should feel free to say anything on my Doodle Board, whether it is agreement with me or just emotional vent.  You can see me as short-sighted, but please show me some solutions of being long-sighted. I surely will improve and be more useful for you.

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