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Adobe-CS-softwareAdobe Suite is always considered as the most authorized design software package when it comes to graphic design, video editing and web establishing. To professional designers, Adobe Illustrator was the must-have on their laptop and many of them were willing to pay much to get full accesses and functions.

However, its high requirements to devices and the unchanged layout and style make designers wonder if there are some apps that can not only satisfy their professional needs and generate no burden on device but also restore the joy of being creative. Fortunately, there are many great relatively less costly apps that are capable of what Illustrator does on Mac OS X platform. Here I picked up three top delicate apps that can perfectly replace the Illustrator and save your device from little remain capacity and pausing creating process.

1. Affinity Design

$ 40   5 stars

This app was launched at the end of 2014. Just few days ago, it was announced as 2015 Apple Design Award Winner.  Right after Affinity Design kick off on Mac app store, the number of download has reached over ten thousand. Some criticism regarded this app as the “killer” and fully replacement of Adobe Illustrator.

Basically, it is equipped with every tiny bit tool that Illustrator has. All the toolsets of inking and drawing are available on that easily-control clear operation board. It supports multiple kinds of format of design work, which include JPG, PDF, GIF, PNG and also editable files such as EPS and PSD. Those files are operational on the other Adobe software when needed.

Because it is small, the swirling wheel will be rarely showing when creating the artwork. And more important, it only costs 40 dollars permanently, which is much more worth than the monthly-charge-20-dollar Illustrator.

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 11.45.14 PM    1

2. Sketch

$ 99    4 stars

Stretch is also quite famous among designers and artists. Its stable top 10 status in design app ranking is one of the best proofs of its incredible capacity. It already showed its unique advantage of web, product, UX and UI design and it was recommended by many highly-regarded professional designers.

Sketch has several elements that make it comparable with full-function Illustrator. The wide board displaying all kind of tools makes it much easier to find the creation tools you need without tapping on each button and looking for them under the icons of default tools. The amazing vector graphic creation tools are the another advantages. Diverse shapes of objects can be created by one click. Moreover, the multiple artwork boards are more convenient for parallel creation and comparison.

Though it is one of the most awesome substitutes of Illustrator, Sketch still cannot surpass Illustrator on the aspect of inking. And the price is not superb comparing with Affinity Design.

2-640x403 screen800x500

3. Pixelmator

$30    4 stars

It may be fresh to know that Pixelmator can be a great replacement of Illustrator, because most reviews were describing it as the perfect equivalence of Adobe Photoshop. Yes, it is true that Pixelmator can help designers accomplish their goals in any way the Photoshop does. And it is also the very reason that its great drawing tools were overlooked.

Pixelmator has all fundamental vector editing tools that Illustrator has. There is no problem of creating a handmade drawing using Pixelmator. Its healing tool and burn tools are the great combination of Photoshop and Illustrator. On May 27th, this popular design app is also available on IOS system, which gives it the unique competitive edge by allowing continuous design at anytime and any place.

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Please feel free to leave a comment if you have another great design app that you want to share with others. I will update a blog about substitutes of other Adobe software on different platforms (Windows & Mac OS X) soon. Please keep tracking me!